zeit w lamoon

zeit w lamoon

Discover Egypt through the eyes of Zeit W Lamoon, the Dubai-based destination to a culinary taste sensation. Established in 2021, Zeit W Lamoon means “Oil And Lemon,” which form an authentic Egyptian mixture to spice up the “Fava Beans” dish, also known as “Foul Medammes,” the primary element of Egyptian street food.

Beef Shawerma Sandwich Tarb

The Promise

Our fresh picks and cuts will surely provide you with a mouthwatering experience. We aim to keep the legacy of our ancestors alive through authentic handed-down recipes over the generations. Cool down on those hot summer Dubai nights with our chilling, freshly squeezed juices, or satisfy your sweet tooth with our original delights. You will be left mesmerized and nostalgic.

In an atmosphere like nowhere else, Zeit W Lamoon will set you off on a nostalgic journey to the busy streets of Egypt. The ambiance, the scent, and the taste will leave you with a memorable experience.

Home delivery

For home delivery, please call: +971 52 335 2051 or +971 4 876 5007.

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For any suggestions or complaints, please email us at info@zeitwlamoon.com. We will do our best to serve you better.